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As a doctor or health care professional Shoe Care Innovations offers you a variety of programs to partner. We have free programs that allow you to explore SteriShoe as well as programs that offer the complete praxis set up as a SteriShoe Partner. For pricing information please call us at 1-866-686-Shoe (7463) or email us at

Program Overview:
1. Partner Program – This program includes 12 SteriShoe shoe sanitizers, an attractive SteriShoe display, a brochure stand, brochures, and placement on our website as a partner that sells our product. This bundle offers our most attractive pricing. By becoming a partner you are always guaranteed our most attractive pricing. Call or email us for pricing and details.

2. Doctor Discount Program – As a doctor you can purchase sets at the discounted price. Call or email us for details on for details on our discount program.

3. Literature Program – We send you free brochures so you can inform your patients about the SteriShoe shoe sanitizer. Your patients will receive free Shipping & Handling when using a custom code on your brochures. You can earn rewards for each referral as well. Call or email us to sign up today.

An overwhelming number of our top partners would recommend SteriShoe to their colleagues and friends. Our Doctor Referral Program provides generous rewards to you for each of your colleagues that signs up to our Partner Program based on your referral. Get compensated for your word of mouth referrals. Calls us today at 1-866-686-Shoe (7463) to sign up or send us an email:

Enhance your treatments with SteriShoe. In this section you can find research related to fungal foot infections, their causes and possible treatments and prophylactic measures. Visit our Research section

We are offering product logos and images for use in your own marketing materials such as your website. SteriShoe offers special co-op marketing assistance for tradeshows, events, product advertising, and in-office displays to our Partner Doctors. If you are a current partner login now for access to marketing materials. Please contact us for further information and assistance.

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